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Animal Encounters

Enhance your Zoo Experience with one of our Incredible Animal Encounters!  Pet a dingo pup, feed a hippo, feed a crocodile, feed a lemur, and More !!!

Days available and prices:


DINGO PUPPY ENCOUNTER.  Capital of Texas Zoo is currently the only zoo in the U.S breeding AUSTRALIAN DINGOS, considered endangered due to hybridizing with feral domestic dogs. Our puppies, born January 2018, are incredible cute and friendly! One of our staff will take you into their habitat, where you may interact with, pet, and take some amazing pictures! $9.25 person

CROCODILE FEEDING. Feed our big Nile crocodile, Snappy, his daily ration of chicken, with the help of staff (and a long PVC pole!) Snappy has been with us since he was a six inch baby, and now approaches 9 ft. Be amazed as this prehistoric creature hauls himself out of his pool to grab his food with a powerful snap!(hence his name!) $9.25 person


HIPPO ENCOUNTER: Tank the hippo loves attention! We call him from his pool, and he lumbers over, all 4000 pounds, close to the enclosure barrier, where he opens his mouth and you toss his treats in! SPECTACULAR! $9.25 person.

LEMUR ENCOUNTER:  Our sweet little lemurs, King Julian, Lolita, and Terry, come right over to the edge of their habitat and take bananas right out of your hand! No one should miss this! $9.25 person

CAMEL ENCOUNTER: Staff takes you right over to our big friendly Camel, Moses, Where you feed him from a bucket, and pose for pictures with him. If you have never been close to a camel, you have to do this! He's NINE FEET TALL!! $9.25 person

MINIATURE DONKEY ENCOUNTER: Go in the paddock with Jack, our friendly male donkey, and his three girlfriends, where you can pet and feed them. Jack especially loves having his butt scratched! $6.25 person.

PRAIRIE DOG ENCOUNTER: Staff will take you right out into the middle of our prairie dog town, where you can feed them, hear their amazing vocalizations, and get up close and personal (no touching allowed)  $6.25 person

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