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The Capital of Texas Zoo is one of Greater Austin's and Bastrop's most exciting animal adventures. Just 20 minutes east from downtown Austin, the Zoo is home to over 500 rare and beautiful wild animals. 

The Zoo's twin missions include Wildlife Education and Conservation of Endangered Species.  Small and intimate, the Capital of Texas Zoo is one of Austin and Bastrop area's most unique experiences!

Introducing our newest member of the zoo family:  "Tank" the Hippo!!! 

Tank is a 1 1/2 year old baby weighing around 800 pounds. He will grow to a couple tons.  Fortunately, he is not a lap hippo :)


The Capital of Texas Zoo is the largest and fastest growing zoo in Central Texas. We have over 400 family members who buy a yearly membership so they can visit us numerous times throughout the year.

If you check the review sites, you will find some good reviews, and some bad reviews. When our members first found out about the bad reviews, they became upset, and many of them attempted to place reviews telling how much they love our little zoo, with little or no success.

As some of you may know, the algorithms and methods used by some of the largest of these sites, and of one of the largest in particular, make it VERY easy to post a bad review, and almost impossible to post a good one.

We have reason to suspect we have mainly been receiving bad reviews from two places: one of our competitors, and from a number of animal rights extremists, who don't believe there should be ANY zoos.

Our zoo is small compared to places like San Antonio or Houston, but we are a  pretty, intimate little place with happy, healthy animals.  We have breeding programs for fourteen endangered species here, and this is our main reason for existing. Most people love us. Give us a chance, and I predict you will love us, too.

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